Will Vaseline Waterproof Boots?

Who does not know the benefits of Vaseline or petroleum jelly? This well-known product is popular worldwide because it offers protective and moisturizing advantages for work boots, especially leather boots. While we consider we can also apply the Vaseline product for our skin, and we can also rely on it when caring for work boots. 

Vaseline is a solid product for leather work boots because the formula it comes with makes your shoes softer and stops them from cracking. In addition, Vaseline is also a good option to make your work boots waterproof and without scratches and scuff. 

So if you want to know about will Vaseline waterproof boots? Keep on reading the informative article.

How to Use Vaseline to Waterproof Boots

Yes! You can use Vaseline to waterproof your boots. Keep in mind that the effects of Vaseline on making waterproof boots are not permanent. Hence, you need to regularly apply Vaseline to your shoes if you are involved in water-based activities. 

1. Clean your Boots

Clean your shoes with a bristle brush to eliminate dust and debris, especially from the seams and edges. Make sure that your shoes should be clean enough before applying Vaseline. 

2. Apply Vaseline

Take at least one tablespoon of Vaseline and lather it on the top surface of the shoes. You can also do the process with the help of your fingers, rag, tissue paper, or soft cotton rag on your boots. Rub Vaseline on the shoes in a circular motion.

3. Wipe off access amount of Vaseline

After applying the required amount of Vaseline to your shoes, wipe off the extra amount from the surface of the shoes using a clean cloth or paper towel.

4. Buff your shoes

If you want more shine in your shoes, then after applying the Vaseline, buff them with a clean cotton cloth or soft tissue paper.

Essential tips to Vaseline to Waterproof your Boots

In addition to the above steps, here are some essential tips that you need to follow to apply Vaseline to make your boots waterproof.

  1. To get the best results, clean your shoes with a mixture of mild soap with water.
  2. While applying Vaseline to your shoes, always make sure to clean them with a soft rag or piece of cloth.
  3. Apply the Vaseline to your shoes in small amounts and make sure that it should be absorbed in the pores of the leather.
  4. It is best to keep the amount of Vaseline to a minimum to get the long-term effects of its performance.
  5.  Using the proper amount of product can make leather shiner and cleaner and can be long-lasting for your boots.
  6. Do not forget to eliminate the extra amount of Vaseline and buff it with a clean cloth or rag to get the best results.
  7. Do not wear your house immediately after applying Vaseline on them; therefore, it is best to let them dry at least one hour before wearing them again.

How to use Vaseline for Waterproofing Leather

Waterproofing your leather shoes with Vaseline comes with a simple process.

Follow the steps given below to make your leather shoes waterproof to get the best results.

  1. Clean your leather shoes with a soft cloth and remove the laces and wipe them off.
  2. To rub the additional amount of scuffs, clean the shoes with saddle soap and water.
  3. Do not let the shoes dry in the sunlight, and do not get the leather too wet.
  4. Polish your boots with Vaseline with a clean and soft cloth or piece of rag.
  5. To remove the excess amount, polish Vaseline on your shoes in a circular motion with a clean cloth.

Pros of using Vaseline on Leather Boots

As Vaseline comes with petroleum derivatives, it not only increases the life of your shoes but also enhances the color of the leather work shoes. 

Here are some of the pros of using Vaseline on leather work shoes:

1# Makes Leather Supple and Soft

The most important advantage of using Vaseline on your leather work shoes is that it makes them soft and supple because due to dryness, it may get scratches and cracks on them.

Leather is a material that comes with natural oils that automatically lubricate the fiber. Still, these essential oils are often removed from the shoes with constant use and exposure to harsh weather conditions.

But thanks to Vaseline, the softness and lubricants are retained too long to last their life.

2# Helps to Remove Scratches

Vaseline comes with a fantastic formula that can treat scratches, scuffs, and tiny tears in leather shoes within a very short period. It can reach the leather fibers and reunite them to increase the look and appearance of your leather work shoes.

3# Helps to Retain the Color 

If you want to have the color of your leather work shoes the day you bought them new, use of Vaseline is a unique option. While due to exposure to outdoor elements, it loses some of its original color richness, Vaseline is a great option to bring back the rich and luxurious look.

4# Vaseline has Cleaning Agents

The elements in Vaseline are indeed best for cleaning the leather shoes and have cleaning properties that help get rid of stubborn stains. Petroleum is one of its constituents that helps remove organic compounds or severe stains like grease, tar, and oil. 

Vaseline can enter the tiny pores of the leather and can clean them very well.

5# Enhance Shine in the Leather

Vaseline is a great option to use on leather to enhance shine and gloss, especially on patent leather shoes. With time, the shine in patented leather will reduce and make them dull, so a vaseline can be a good alternative other than polish to restore the shine. Not only can Vaseline put a shine on patent leather, but it can be helpful to make leather shine and easy to use.

6# A Great Option for Oil-tanned Leather

Vaseline is a great option when it comes to the treatment of oil tanned leather boots. There is a wide variety of tanning techniques, and how a raw animal hides in tanning depends on various factors, like the availability of tanning materials. The most well-known tanning techniques are chrome or oil tanning and vegetable tanning. 

So if your shoes are oil-tanned, you can treat them with Vaseline, as oil tanning can be a good option for all oil treatments. 

7# Can Preserve Leather Boots

Vaseline and petroleum jelly come with the ability to preserve and condition leather. The leather must be maintained and conditioned most often when not in use. Using Vaseline on your shoes can preserve and nourish them, especially if you do not have the ready option to use it. 

Therefore it is a good option to use on leather shoes because it will evaporate and will not harm your boots.

8# Can Waterproof Leather

Leather is the most durable material for your most usable items like shoes. The items used in hard outdoor activities should be made of waterproof material. But there are many leather products like mink oil that can make hard-core waterproof leather, so you can use Vaseline to give enough amount of waterproofing on them

Cons of Using Vaseline on Leather Work Boots

Everything comes to some good and bad aspects now when we have discussed the pros of using Vaseline on leather boots come towards its braw backs :

1# Breakdown of tensile strength

If you use too little Vaseline on your leather shoes, then there is a risk that it can allow the cells or fibers of leather to swell or expand. This can lead to tensile strength loss in t and will show cracks.

2# Can promote rot on leather

Vaseline can promote rot on leather, while this statement might not be true for all types of leather, as we have got a lot of complaints from users about this awful experience. Although this use of Vaseline on leather shoes can cause damage and breaking of stitches in them.

3# Needs constant application

While, in the opinion of experts, you should recondition your leather shoes twice or thrice a year, the issue with Vaseline or petroleum jelly is that it needs constant application on your shoes. 

The reason is that Vaseline can melt even at room temperature when applied on the shores and cannot stay on your shoes for a very long time within its fiber and pores. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of using Vaseline on leather boots regularly, the boots can lose their form or shape. 

4# Do not offer the best conditioning

Regarding leather boots, the Vaseline is a better option to condition them than the products specifically made for leather. The reason is that Vaseline can not adequately absorb the pores of leather to act as a conditioner. Even if you use a hair dryer to melt the Vaseline to absorb it in leather, it will not provide better conditioning to your leather shoes.  

FAQs – Waterproofing Boots with Vaseline

Can I polish shoes with Vaseline?

Yes, you can polish your shoes with Vaseline as it is a quick alternative to leather polish o scuffed shoes and boots to get a slick shine.

How do you clean shoes with Vaseline?

Vaseline is a perfect option to clean your shoes, as it absorbs in the pores of the stuffed shoes to make them shiny and clean.

Does Vaseline waterproof shoes?

Yes, Vaseline can waterproof your shoes by cleaning your shoes first hand and applying a generous amount of Vaseline in a single layer; in this way, you can waterproof your shoes. 

Does Vaseline hurt leather?

Yes, Vaseline can damage or hurt your leather item, requiring frequent reapplication to keep it clean and supple. It has long-term effects, and it can break down the leather fiber, leading to splintering and cracking of leather.


Apart from using Vaseline for dry lips and skin issues, it is best to use it to make your shoes waterproof and for leather shoes and other stuff. Vaseline is the best option to make their lubricant if you want to protect your boots from water and moisture.

Leather shoes can get temporary benefits from Vaseline, but you should get knowledge about its long-term effects on them.

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