Waterproofing Cowboy Boots (Easy Methods)

Are you hesitating to wear your latest cowboy boots out in the hail, stressing the wetness might destroy your boots?

Here is discussed about waterproof cowboy boots and what you should understand about their types. This article will help to get good information about how to waterproof cowboy boots. 

So you do not require to worry; your boot experienced fellow is here to facilitate all your issues.

Cowpoke boots are exceptionally vigorous, and they are intended for testing trails. However, when the boots interact with water, their life span diminishes. But then comes the waterproofing procedures, which can safeguard your rancher boots.

Therefore you will be safe from the savage foe, which is water in this context. And I am here to reveal all the helpful yet powerful strategies for waterproofing cowboy boots.

Types of the Best Cowboy Boots

Before starting to waterproofing your cowboy boots, you should know about the types of cowboy boots. However, the Rancher boots can be comprehensively sorted into two kinds: practical boots and style boots.

1. Applicable Cowboy Boots 

These are the boots you wear for riding and working. They are produced using solid, strong calfskin and are intended to be worn in the seat, fields, building locales, and all pony-related disciplines. They are likewise more pragmatic, with lower heels and an open to fitting.

2. Stylish Cowboy Boots 

They are produced using luxurious materials and worn more for show than usefulness. These boots are frequently produced using snakeskin or ostrich stow away, implying that they look perfect however are less impervious to unforgiving climate or dampness. They can likewise have higher heels and may not be as agreeable.

Simple Methods for Cleaning your Waterproof Cowboy Boots

So, to clean your cowboy waterproof boots, here are some of the best tips and tricks to cleaning your waterproof boots. Some of the methods to cleaning the waterproof cowboy boots are:

  1. Use waterproof spray
  2. Conditioning boots

But, before applying any shower or conditioner, ensure your cattle rustler boots are liberated from the soil, residue, and jetsam.

In the first place, clean the boots; eliminate the boot bands; assuming they are grimy, you can wash them independently with cleanser powder.

Methods for Cleaning your Waterproof Cowboy Boots

Take a brush and, in a roundabout movement, brush on the messy regions. If your boots are vigorously messy, you can clean them with a cowhide cleaner. In any case, try not to immerse the boots in water. Utilize a clammy material with the cleaner and delicately wipe the soil.

Use Waterproof Spray

Don’t you have enough time to waterproof your cowboy boots? Waterproofing splashes are the most efficient and simple strategy to waterproof cowpoke boots.

With any great quality waterproof shower, you can make your rancher boots water-safe in only 30 minutes!

Softened cowhide or calfskin, the waterproof splash works perfectly on a wide range of materials.

You need to ensure the shower you are utilizing is liberated from silicone since silicone is the fundamental criminal for drying out the cowhide.

Dissimilar to oils, the waterproof splash makes no staining the boots. Shower a dainty layer of any marked waterproofing splash and allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes for drying.

Conditioning Boots

Now the second way to waterproofing your boots is to Use Conditioner for the best result. Conditioners work like magic for cowhide cowpoke boots. Besides the fact that it forestalls the section of water into the boots, it also keeps the boots fed and adaptable.

While buying a boot conditioner, try to purchase the conditioner as indicated by the boot’s material. If you own a softened cowhide Texas-style boot, go for a calfskin conditioner and a calfskin conditioner for cowhide boots.

You work the conditioner on your boots; clean them first. Take a delicate fabric, apply a dime size of conditioner to your boots, and tenderly focus on the conditioner on your boots in a round movement.

How much conditioner you apply changes the dryness of the boots; if your boots are very dry, you might require more conditioner to make the calfskin graceful.

Note: When you initially apply the conditioner, your boots might look a piece dull; however, you can relax; as the boots splash every one of the oils into them, they will return to their unique tone.

How you Can Remove Water Stains from the Cowboy Boots?

Some of you might be contemplating whether all cattle rustler boots are waterproof, while others might have previously taken in the most challenging way possible. Water stains are practically inescapable on calfskin boots, so it means a lot to know how to eliminate them.

This is the way to eliminate water stains:

1. Brush off your Boots

 Soil and residue can slow down the cleaning system or cause scrapes and scratches in the calfskin while you’re attempting to eliminate the water stain.

2. Wet the Cloth or Sponge

 Add moisture to your material or brush, then, at that point, wring it until it’s nearly arid. Toning it down would be ideal; an excess of water and you could stain the boots considerably further.

3. Remove the Stain

Beginning from the focal point of the stain and working out, softly buff the stained segment. The goal is to get the stain to dry equally with the remainder of the boot and eliminate the hard edge that water stains abandon.

3. Let the Boots Dry

 Allow the boots to dry totally for about 60 minutes. When the boots are dry, you’ll have the option to let me know if the stain has been taken out. Assuming you actually see hard edges from the stain, rehash the cycle once again.

3. Drill your Boots

Cowhide is an absorbent fabric; when it reaches into connection with water, it consumes it. At the point when the water ultimately dissipates, the oils that safeguard the cowhide start to vanish as well.

How To Retain Cowboy Boots?

For an expanded life expectancy of your rancher boots, you should accept appropriate consideration of them. How about we find out how the things you ought to keep up with cattle rustler boots are:

After each wear, try to clean your rancher boots. You can involve a cloth or a brush for cleaning. The absence of cleaning typically causes the soil or mud to insert on your boots which straightforwardly influences the life span of your boots.

How To Retain Cowboy Boots

Continuously keep your boots molded. As a rule, boots become excessively dry because of the absence of molding, which brings about creased or broke boots.

Attempt to clean your boots one time each month. Cleaning not just adds sparkle and makes the boot look new, yet it additionally saturates the calfskin adding additional years to the boot’s life.

You can use some products to maintain the boots:

1. Use Conditioner

Most quality calfskin conditioners are water repellent in themselves. Oil usually repulses water, so keeping your boots all around molded not just keeps them flexible and looking decent, 

That accomplishes suggests you should leap into a lake fraying your cattle rustler boots. However, soddenness won’t be an issue assuming you’re watchful about molding your calfskin.

While applying the conditioner, utilize a delicate towel (like a chamois or terry fabric) and tenderly rub the conditioner into the calfskin utilizing a little round movement. The sum you want is certainly not an exact science and changes from one boot to another, contingent upon the dryness of the calfskin. 

You realize you’ve utilized enough when the conditioner has quite retained, and a slim layer covers the surface of the cowboy boots.

Waterproofing Sprays

2. Waterproofing Sprays

Waterproofing showers are fast and simple way to waterproof your cowboy boots. Yet, assuming they contain silicone, you risk drying out the cowhide. Thus, search for a non-silicone or low-silicone protectant while utilizing a waterproofing splash.

3. Use Mink Oil For Best Results

Mink Oil is the most well-known idea for waterproofing cowhide boots. The unsaturated fats in the oil make the cowhide flexible yet tough, safeguarding the calfskin from outer scraped spots and dampness. 

The application cycle is somewhat more tedious than a waterproofing shower yet is a lot better for the existence of your boots.

What is Ariat – Are these Cowboy Boots Waterproof?

Indeed, a portion of Ariat’s cowpoke boots is waterproof. As referenced above, customary cowhide cattle rustler boots are not all waterproof. Nevertheless, Ariat produces waterproof cowpoke boots explicitly planned to maintain your feet waterless and protect them from water staining.

Which Cowboy Boots Are Waterproof?

While maybe not all cowboy boots are waterproof, then, at that moment, which ones are? Multiple boot designers deal with waterproof boots now, and Ariat is no immunity with boots that feature Waterproof Pro creation.

Are these Boots Good for Snow?

A following characteristic inquiry to “is cowboy boots waterproof” is whether they are fantastic in the snow. Not all cattle rustler boots are great for wearing in the snow. A couple of variables to consider while wearing cattle rustler boots in the snow.


While traditional cowpoke boots will warm your feet for brief periods in the snow, a covered cowboy boot like the Ariat WorkHog Composite-toe position boots will keep your feet warm for a long time. The stake station will keep snow from gaining inside your boots but will not do much else to save you warm.


 For cowpoke boots that aren’t explicitly waterproof, snow will make water stains on your boots as the snow dissolves.

How can you Select the Right Pair of Waterproof Cowboy Boots?

Rather than betting on whether your cowpoke boots are waterproof or not, consider buying a couple of genuinely waterproof rancher boots. The Ariat Hybrid Rancher might suit you best if you’re familiar with wearing ropers.

Therefore, if you trust traditional cattle rustler boots, the Ariat’s Ironside H2O” boots would be best to choose.

And another best option to select the watreproofing cowboy boots are the WorkHog XT. Whatever your justification behind requiring waterproof boots, Ariat has many waterproof boots to browse.


If there is a rainy season, you must waterproof your cowboy boots. It will not only allow you to maintain your feet waterless but also enable the boots to last longer. If the boots are not covered with a waterproofing coating and are revealed to water, they can obtain ruined.

You can use processes discussed in this article like mink oil, leather conditioner, or waterproof spray to waterproof your cowboy boots.


What is good waterproofing for boots?

There are various sorts of waterproofing splash or conditioner accessible on the lookout. You ought to pick as per your boot type and ensure the showers are without silicon.

What Happens If Leather Boots Get Wet?

At the point when calfskin boots get wet, dampness saturates the cowhide. In any event, when the leather boots are permitted to dry normally. Apply the tannins and oils inside the calfskin are impacted. The cowhide becomes drier than previously, and this dryness can prompt breaking and wrinkling over the long run.

Are Cowboy Boots Waterproof?

Not all cowboy boots are waterproof, and they can become stained when they get wet. Lately, waterproof boots have become more well known subsequently.

Notwithstanding, very much kept up with, quality cowhide rancher boots can, in any case, work effectively in keeping your feet perfect and dry and shielded from the components. 

As referenced, rancher boots produced using calfskin or softened cowhide can stain assuming they get wet, yet this doesn’t imply that they’re destroyed and must be discarded and supplanted. 

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