Should you Waterproof Gore-tex Boots?

Those living in colder areas know that walking or hiking in snow is a real struggle in Life. I also happened to experience walking in the cold, but then the latest technology of Gore-Tex boots is much of a sigh of relief, and most of you would agree if you happened to have used these Gore-tex boots. 

While after using these boots in rainy or snowy areas, most people asked about should have waterproof gore-tex boots or not. The simple and short answer is yes, you can waterproof. But what factors and features to consider, and why should you waterproof?

After using these boots, I have gotten the answers to all these questions you might need to know. So I have discussed it below.

What are GORE-TEX boots?

Gore-tex boot is a special type of footwear that features insulated technology in addition to a specific layer of breathable material to keep your feet warm for a longer time when the temperature increases. Gore-Tex boots are meant for higher protection, durability, and comfort. 

Are Gore-Tex Shoes Waterproof? 

Yes, Gore-Tex boots are waterproof and make a barrier that blocks moisture and liquid from passing through. So unless and until the Gore-Tex membrane gets punctured and damaged thus, it can block water and moisture from getting in the boots. 

4 Reasons – Why Should you Waterproof Gore-Tex shoes?

Going by the scientific design, we land ourselves in the question that if the boots are designed with Gore-Tex technology and are supposed to be waterproof, why do they say that you should still waterproof them again?

Why Should you Waterproof Gore-Tex shoes

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons:

1. Physical Science

Although the inherent design of Gore-Tex boots makes them waterproof, the principles of Physics come in the way. However, the whole thing becomes useless when you have to take long runs or walks in the snow.

How? The air around the boots gets saturated when you walk or hike in snow-laden tracks for an extended period. This results in the blockade of passage for the water vapors inside the boots. 

2. Safety

Another reason why you should waterproof your Gore-Tex boots is to ensure safety. If you keep wearing wet boots in cold weather, the surfaces may get slippery, and there is a chance of slipping on the track. So, it is recommended to re-waterproof your boots, especially if you tend to walk for an extended time. 

3. Long Life of the Shoes

When you re-waterproof your boots, you are increasing the lifetime of your shoes. So, when the water vapors forming inside the boo find their way outside, the shoe material will not remain wet from inside, and hence they will last longer than when you are just relying on the Gore-tex technology. 

4. Shine

When the water keeps seeping in and out of the boots due to the loss of the waterproof feature, this adversely affects the outlook of the shoes. It loses its shine and beauty on the outer side, whether fabric or leather. Therefore, if you want to keep your boots as new as ever, you should re-waterproof them repeatedly to ensure they do not lose their shine. 

How to Test if Gore-Tex Shoes Are Waterproof

There are many ways to check if Gore-Tex shoes are waterproof. Some methods are easiest to do, but some are overwhelming to follow.

One of the easy and common methods is pouring water into the boot until water is about 1 inch up the back at the heel of the boot.

So leave and look for wetness on the boot’s outer side. Leave it for a maximum of 24 hours; if it is wet from outside, leaks, and does not dry, then use its manufacturer’s prescribers. In the end, notice how damp and sweaty your feet are if the boots are waterproof.   


Can Gore-tex boot lose its waterproofing?

The gore-tex boot will need waterproofing until its inner membrane stays breathable, and the outer layer of the boot will lose its waterproofing when it is soaked by water and becomes wet. 

Can Gore-Tex boots be completely waterproof?

Gore-tex boot comes with a completely waterproof barrier that can block liquid from entering the inner side of the boot. Unless the membrane has been punctured and damaged, it will block water from entering the boot. 

Is Gore-Tex boot the best waterproof?

Gore-Tex is equal to but not better than all other waterproof membranes, which is why Gore-Tex boot is best compared to all other footwear brands.  

Do you need to waterproof GORE-TEX?

Yes, it is good to waterproof Gore-Tex boots because it is needed despite the interior layer being a breathable and waterproof membrane. But the outer layer can lose its waterproof ability, soak up water, and remains wet, thus blocking the effect of Gore-Tex.   


So, this is why you should re-waterproof the Gore-Tex boots, especially if you live in extreme weather conditions. To avoid extensive wear and tear of shoes, the process of waterproofing is critical. So, if you have a pair of Gore-Tex boots, enjoy walking and running long distances but do not forget to maintain your shoes. 

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