How to Waterproof Ugg Boots in Easy Steps

We get our Uggs out of the cupboard when the cold weather arrives. Isn’t it obvious? A pair of Uggs is an absolute treat for your feet when it’s cold outside. Nothing beats the comfort of Ugg boots when it comes to keeping your feet cozy and warm.

It is a common mistake we make in wet weather to wear Ugg boots. As a result, the Uggs end up in a soggy mess since not every Ugg boot is created to be waterproof. There are, however, several ways in which Ugg boots that aren’t waterproof can be made waterproof.

In this article, you will learn how to waterproof ugg boots; read on further to learn how to do the most straightforward waterproofing process for your shoes.

Is it Better to Wear Ugg Boots in the Rain or in the Snow?

Because of its comfortable wear and well-built sole, Uggs has firmly established itself in the footwear industry. In addition to protecting your feet from chilly weather and reducing slipping chances, the plush sheepskin lining and wool inside the boots make the perfect combination.

The Ugg boots are not waterproof, so you cannot go sledding in the snow or swash in the rain wearing them. Watermarks and stains may be left permanently on suede Uggs after wearing them in rain or snow since some Ugg boots are not waterproof. 

As a result, after just a few times of wearing your Ugg boots, you will notice that they will be shabby and dirty, just like they have been worn for decades. To ensure that your Ugg boots are waterproof, you will need to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

In addition to their waterproof and snow-resistant boots, Uggs also produces rain boots and snow boots like the Shaye rain boots.

How to Waterproof Ugg Boots Easily?

A waterproofing solution is the best way to prevent Ugg boots from staining and lengthen their lifespan. Try to waterproof your shoes as soon as possible after you purchase them. Your shoes will become dirtier as time passes without cleaning your boots. Avoid waiting until they become completely stained.

There are ways you need to follow to waterproof Ugg boots safely. Waterproof the shoes; the first step is to clean them. Mud and dust will get embedded in dirty boots during the waterproofing process.

Ugg boots can be cleaned in various ways, but the best method is to use suede brushes and suede cleaner.

1. Using A Suede Brush To Clean Ugg Boots

How to Waterproof Ugg Boots

Ugg boots must be brushed regularly to prevent loose dirt particles from getting inside.

Using a suede brush, you can wash Ugg boots as follows:

  1. Once your boots have dried thoroughly, please pick up a suede brush from a footwear store and begin brushing them. Rather than cleaning wet boots, brushing them only smears dirt onto them.
  2. Strokes should be small and circular when brushing the boots with a suede brush.
  3. By brushing and rubbing the boots in the heavily stained areas, you should be able to remove the stain.

The bristles of your old toothbrush can be used instead of a suede brush if you cannot find one.

2. Using A Suede Cleaner To Clean Ugg Boots

Using A Suede Cleaner To Clean Ugg Boots

You can clean suede boots using a suede brush and cleaner or use the suede cleaner if they are stained or discolored.

Using a suede cleaner on Ugg boots is as easy as following these steps:

  1. Use Tooth Brush – Using the suede brush described earlier, brush your boots.
  2. Cool Water – Ensure cotton clothes are clean before soaking them in cool water and wringing them out. After cleaning your boots, squeeze out the excess water to avoid thoroughly wetting them.
  3. Use Cloth – Wet the cloth and rub it over the entire outside of the boots.
  4. Sponge – Make sure the sponge is wet by soaking it in water. To prevent smearing dirt on the boots, make sure the sponge is clean. The sponge should be damp after being squeezed out of the water.
  5. Suede Cleaner – Apply suede cleaner to the sponge with a few drops.
  6. Gently Rub – The sponge should be gently rubbed over the boots. To clean the shoes’ outer surface, start from the toe area and work your way backward. Water spots can occur if there is too much room left in your boots.
  7. Remove stains – When satisfied that stains have been removed, rub the cleaner off the boots with a soft cloth soaked in cold water. The cleaner shouldn’t be left behind.
  8. Dry Boots- Fill the boots with newspaper to dry them to maintain their shape. Please wait 48 hours or until the Ugg boots are completely dry before putting them back into a cool and airy place. Direct sunlight should not be used to dry your shoes.
  9. Brushing Them Again – You can raise the threads of the boots by brushing them using a suede brush after they have dried.

Is it Necessary to Waterproof the Ugg Boots?

The Ugg boots now need to be waterproofed. As part of a comprehensive waterproofing kit, Ugg provides a suede brush, a leather cleaner, a leather conditioner, a leather protector, and a water-resistant spray. It would be advantageous for you to purchase this kit because it has been specially designed by Ugg to make the waterproofing process for boots perfect.

Water-resistant Ugg boots can be made by following these steps:

  1. The suede brush is used to remove dirt from boots as usual.
  2. A 6-7 inches gap should be left between the boots and the waterproofing spray. Don’t miss any areas when spraying, especially if you have decorative pieces on your shoes.
  3. Instead of thoroughly soaking the boots in water-repellent spray, ensure they are damp rather than soggy.
  4. The boots should be dried in an open area with plenty of air. A hairdryer or direct heat can burn the shoes, so make sure you don’t leave them in direct sunlight.
  5. Brush the boots again once they have dried to raise the fibers.
  6. Your Ugg boots are now waterproof.

How to Make Ugg Boots Water-Repellent?

Waterproofing your Ugg boots will prevent them from being damaged by harsh weather conditions, but you should avoid walking through the mud when you own a pair of them.

Once or twice a week, brush your boots to ensure that there is no dirt in them.

You must always use a suede brush to clean your boots gently. If the shoes are brushed harshly, the fibers will be damaged.

Make sure the boots are waterproof before you wear them for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to spray waterproofing on Ugg boots?

Spraying a suede protector on your sheepskin boots when they have just been brought home is recommended to keep them waterproof. Water-repellent boots provide you with the convenience of being able to leave them in a place to dry. If they become wet in the rain or snow, you can wash them the next day to remove any dirt or debris accumulated when they are dry.

Can rain ruin Uggs?

UGGs shouldn’t be worn when it’s raining because mud and water will accumulate, making them unsuitable for wet weather. In the snow, you can wear your ugg boots as well. Warmth and comfort are the hallmarks of Uggs during seasons such as autumn and winter. In addition to ruining the ugg boots, snow can change their color and fade them over time.

Uggs, however, manufactures boots that can also be used in wet weather or snow.

What can you do if your Uggs are water damaged?

You should not leave your boots to air dry without cleaning them if they have been drenched in heavy rain. If you are going to use a sponge or cloth, make sure that the fabric is clean and let it soak in cold water before wringing it out. 

Now wet the boots evenly with the wet cloth or sponge. Make sure none are left. Pack the shoes with newspaper to keep their shape. Allow the boots to air dry. To raise the nap on the shoes, brush them with old newspapers once completely dried.


You will love wearing Ugg boots on your feet. Uggs can be your best friend in winter for keeping your feet warm and toasty. Boots must be waterproofed to prolong their lifespan and maintain their appearance. Having learned how to waterproof boots, Ugg boots can use these steps to protect them from snow or rain.

Hopefully, this article has answered your question about how to waterproof ugg boots. We would appreciate hearing about your experiences if you followed all the methods.

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