5 Proven Ways of How to Waterproof Cowboy Boots

It is the most challenging task in the rainy season to wear cowboy boots, as rain and winter are no more friends of this footwear. As leather cowboy boots are known for hard wear and tear treacherous trails, and mud puddles, their long last can be cut short for these reasons if not taken with enough care.

Although there are many ways by which you can waterproof your cowboy boots, the most common is by using conditioners, waterproofing sprays, and mink oils. Matt Lyons says, using mink oils is the most effective way to make your boots waterproof, as it protects the leather from external disasters like mud, salt, and other elements that can damage the waterproofing feature of cowboy boots. 

So no more time to waste, and let’s dive into the details of how to waterproof cowboy boots.

How to Waterproof Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are susceptible to water, and there is a wide variety of ways to make them waterproof. 

This informative blog will inform you how to protect cowboy boots before sudden rain and expected rain.

Generally speaking, the protection of cowboy boots against rain consists of simple steps like cleaning cowboy boots and applying different types of products to help make them waterproof. Waiting for the absorption of products in the material of cowboy boots is the best tip to follow. 

1: Combination of Leather or Suede Conditioner with Shoe Polish

Conditioner mixed with the shoe polish is the best way to make cowboy boots waterproof. You can make your cowboy boots unbeatable by using conditioner and polishing them. Moreover, shoe polish can also be used to make leather boots waterproof. 

Suede Conditioner

There are many conditioners available in the market to make suede boots waterproof. We describes the best method to waterproofing boots with suede conditioner.

  1. Clean the cowboy boots and apply conditioner to the upper portion
  2. Wait till the conditioner should absorb the material of the boot.
  3. Now polish the boots after conditioning them, as shoe polish will be an excellent protective layer to save cowboy boots from water.
  4. Use the hair drier to dry the conditioner and polish the boots so that these things can easily be absorbed in the layer of boots.

2: Use Mink Oil

The most frequent and standard product to make cowboy boots waterproof is mink oil, also used for leather shoes. Mink oil is the most effective and best product to keep the leather of boots shiny, extend the life of boots, make them long-lasting and keep cowboys soft. 

Use Mink Oil

The most innovative property of mink oil is that it not only makes the cowboy waterproof, that the reasonable price is a great plus. 

The steps to do this process are as follows:

  1. Clean the cowboy boots with unique things and tools.
  2. On the entire surface of the cowboy boots, apply mink oil to wets and seams properly.
  3. The mink oil should be completely absorbed in the layer of cowboy boots; for this purpose, you can use a hair drier to make the process fast.

This way, your cowboy boots can be waterproof and saved from dirt and debris.

3: Use of Waterproof Spray

Another specialized product that can be used is the waterproof spray to make your boots waterproof. The waterproof spray is considered a leather or suede product and is best used to produce cowboy boots waterproof.

Use of Waterproof Spray

If you nearly plan to leave your office and instantly rain starts, then take a waterproof spray and pour a thin layer on the upper surface of the cowboy boots.

However, the waterproof spray is the only product that you can use for waterproofing without any plan. The product is straightforward to deal with and use and can keep in your backpack during the stormy season.

4: Use of Wax

In addition to all the methods discussed above, various kinds of waxes are available in the market at affordable prices that can be used to make cowboy boots waterproof.

Use of Wax

After cleaning the cowboy boots, apply the wax layer on the shoes’ upper surface to polish them. Applying wax will bring many benefits, like restoring the color of cowboy boots, making them shiny, and keeping them new and waterproof. 

5: Rain Boot Cover

Using a rain boot shoe cover might not make your boots waterproof, but it is an excellent option to save your shoes from sudden rain like a waterproof spray. Especially in the rainy season, you should buy a rain cover for your cowboy boots to protect them from dirt, grime, and water. 

How to waterproof Cowboy Boots?

Best Products to Make Cowboy Boots Waterproof

Many products are available in the market to make cowboy boots waterproof, like conditioners, wax, and mink oil. In addition to these products, below are given five products to produce waterproof cowboy boots that many people use and appreciate. 

1) Bickmore Leather Conditioner

Bick more leather conditioner is a well-known product to care for leather and cowboy boots to make them waterproof. If the Bick cleaner and polish are used for cowboy boots, you can also go for the Bick more conditioner.

Moreover, Bick more conditioner is the top-rated product for cowboy boots to repel dirt and debris and increase longevity and waterproofing. 

2) Fiebings Mink Oil

The most innovative and unique product to make boots waterproof, in addition to Soft sole mink oil, is the Fiebing mink oil. This product cannot be missed by anyone with the effect of waterproofing, shining, and softening, especially in the rainy season. 

3) Nikwax Waterproofing Wax

For those passionate about camping and picnics, in addition to sprays and conditioners, waxes are good to use because they are easy to deal with. Nikwax is an excellent example in this head because it works quickly and fasts but does not make leather soft.

It is an ideal product for western work boots because these boots are durable and rugged to protect your feet from harsh weather while working. 

4) Rust-Oleum 

Rust-Oleum is a well-known and reliable product available in the market and is appreciated by most people who have used it. The product can form a protective layer on your cowboy boots in snowfalls and heavy rains.

Also, this product comes with silicon-free features, so it cannot change the look and feel of your shoes under any circumstances.

Essential Tips to Make Cowboy Boots Waterproof

  1. Remove the laces of the boots before applying of products.
  2. Clean your boots properly before going into the process; if you are unaware of how to clean them, follow the manual guide.
  3. Read the instructions given on the product; if the manufacturer prescribed applying the protectant, use the product for must.
  4. Do not apply the product in too much amount. Always try the product in a small amount on a small area of cowboy boots. Oil-based products are tough to use and can darken the leather of the boots. 
  5. If the winner of the cowboy boots is made with leather, then test the product on the inner side of the boots so that the exterior of the boots cannot be affected and to avoid discoloration.
  6. If you opt for the spray method, do the process in the area where you do not plan to sit in the next coming hours.


Do cowboy boots need to be waterproof?

Yes, cowboy boots must be impervious to make them shiny, long-lasting, and durable.

Can cowboy boots be worn in the rainy season?

If the cowboy boots are waterproof and made with the best leather, they can resist water.

Will water ruin cowboy boots?

Yes, water can damage cowboy boots, but if they are kept in a well-ventilated dry place, they can be preserved for a long time. 


So it is clear from the above facts that cowboy boots should be protected from water to make them long-lasting and shiny. You can get the many products that are available in the market to make them waterproof that can be opted for easily.

Therefore, if your boots are not protected from water in the rainy season, applying the waterproof layer to protect them. And Do let us know if you found this content helpful!

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