How to Lace Boots Like a Pro: 6 Expert Ways to Wear Boots

There are two possible reasons you are here: either you just bought a brand new pair of boots, and they need lace, or you already own a pair of boots, and you want to experiment with lacing them differently.

How to Lace boots are one of those pieces of clothing that can go from being elegant and sophisticated to just being uncomfortable fast. In this article, we’ll share with you six expert lacing techniques that will help you nail the look and feel of your lace boots like a pro.

How to Lace Boots – Methods and Guide of Boots

Method 1: Criss-Cross Standard

I’m going to show you the First method of How to Lace boots, which is the Marine Corps method. It starts with crisscrossed applesauce, just like the marines do. When they tighten their boots, they say, “Let’s tie our shoes crisscross applesauce. When it comes to lacing boots, you need to follow a few basic steps to get the job done correctly. 

Criss-Cross Standard

Steps to Crisscross Lace Boots

  1. The first step is to crisscross the standard laces once, as shown below.
  2. Next, cross one lace over the other lace halfway up the boot. 
  3. Then, cross the other lace over the first lace. 
  4. Finally, pull both laces tight until they’re snug. 
  5. You can then adjust the boots as necessary to get a comfortable fit.

Method 2: Army Method

One of the most common methods for lacing your work boots is the Army Method. This method involves tying a knot in the middle of the laces and then pulling each end through the loop created by the previous knot.

This method is fast and easy to do, and it ensures that the boot is properly laced.

Let’s consider How do you lace army boots below;

Steps to Lace Army Boots

1. On the left, I will begin by going under and diagonally across the room.

2. Then, I will go under and diagonal on the one on the other side.

3. So far, it looks like this. From here, lacing is easy.

4. Then go straight into the next eyelet up and in.

5. Let’s do the same thing on this site, up and in.

6. Then, go from the left to the right.

7. Using an inside-out bloop technique, I will work my way from right to left up to one eyelet and on the other side, then repeat this process from right to left on the top.

These methods will get you started quickly if you are new to lace boots. Be sure to practice on some cheap boots before trying them on your expensive pair.

Method 3: Friction-Free and Over-Under

Lacing boots the right way ensures a snug, comfortable fit and prevents them from coming undone in the middle of a walk. Here are three other methods for how to lacing boots the pro way:

Friction-Free Boots Lace Up

1. Over-Under: Start by threading and tightening one lace over the top of the boot. Please do the same thing with the second lace, but thread it under the boot this time. The knot will keep the boot in place and keep it from falling off.

2. Friction-Free: For a friction-free experience, try using a loop method. Start by threading one lace through both loops on your boot buckle, then pull tight to create a loop. Now do the same with the other lace, but this time make sure to leave one loop unthreaded so you can easily tighten it later.

3. Double Lace: If you want to go extra precautionary, try lacing your boots twice for extra security. Start by threading one lace through both loops on your boot buckle, then tie it into a knot. Do the same with the other lace, and you’re good to go.

Method 4: Paratrooper Lacing Method / Paratrooper Ladder

When it comes to getting boots on and off quickly and easily, there are a few methods that veterans swear by. The paratrooper lacing method is consistently ranked as one of the most popular. You’ll need some boot laces and a paratrooper ladder to do this. 

Paratrooper Lacing Method

Steps to Paratrooper Lacing

  1. To start, tie a lace around the top of one boot shaft halfway up. 
  2. Then, tie the other lace around the bottom of the same boot shaft. 
  3. Pull both laces tight and hold them in place while you unlace the boot from the top. 
  4. Do the same thing with the other boot. 
  5. You’re now ready to put your boots on.

Method 5: Rope Ladder

If you’re looking for how to lace boots like a pro, you’ll need a rope ladder. This is a simple tool that can make the task much easier.

Rope Ladder Lacing Steps

Steps to Make a Rope Ladder

  1. First, find a sturdy surface to rest the ladder on to use a rope ladder. 
  2. Hold the top of the ladder in one hand and the bottom in the other hand, and carefully step onto the ladder. 
  3. Then, use your fingers to loop the laces around each boot buckle. 
  4. Make sure that the loops are tight enough so that they don’t come undone while you’re wearing the boots.
  5. Once you’ve laced all of your boots, it’s time to tighten the loops. 
  6. To do this, pull on both ends of the laces simultaneously. 
  7. This will tighten the loops and prevent them from coming undone while wearing the boots.

Method 6: Italian Corkscrew

If you’re looking to lace your boots like a pro, you need to know about the Italian corkscrew. This tool is used to tighten the laces precisely and efficiently. There are several different Italian corkscrews, but the most common is the barrel corkscrew.

Italian Corkscrew Lacing Boots

Steps to Make an Italian Corkscrew

  1. First, make sure that the boot is on your foot correctly by using an Italian corkscrew. 
  2. You should sit down with the boot on your foot to face the toe and the heel. 
  3. Then, align the corkscrew handle with one of the eyelets on the boot and twist it clockwise until it’s tight.
  4. Make sure not to over-tighten the laces – you want them just snug enough to don’t come loose during wear.
  5. If you’re ever in doubt about how tight your boots are laced, you can use a pressure gauge to check. 
  6. Simply place the gauge over one of the eyelets and wait until it reaches a certain pressure – this will tell you how tight the laces are.

Should I Lace my Boots all the Way Up?

There is no one right answer when it comes to lacing your boots. Some people lace them up, while others lace them halfway. The matter is that it is highly dependent on your particular tastes and preferences.

Some people believe that lacing your boots up allows for a tighter fit. This can help prevent your boots from slipping and sliding around on the boot shaft. It also ensures maximum stability and protection when walking or running.

Others believe that lacing them halfway is more practical. This will make it simple to take off your boots when needed while still ensuring that they are properly fastened. This is especially helpful if you plan on taking them off while in a warm environment or during an activity that would require a lot of movement.

It’s up to you to decide how tightly you want to lace your boots. Just make sure that you do it comfortably and protect your feet from injury.

Common Lacing Techniques for Hiking Boots

Common Lacing Techniques of Hiking Boots

How Tight Should boots be laced?

When it comes to lacing boots, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, always make sure that the boots are tight enough to fit snugly. However, you don’t want them to be too tight, as this can cause discomfort and even foot injury.

Secondly, it is important to lace the boots evenly across the top of your foot. This will ensure that your feet are held in place and don’t move around while you’re wearing the boots. Finally, make sure that the laces aren’t too long – they should barely touch the boot when tightened.

What is the Correct way to Lace Walking Boots?

If you’re new to how to lace boots, there are a few things you need to know.

The correct way to lace walking boots is to pull the laces until they’re snug but not too tight. It would help if you tied them in a knot at the ankle.

Lacing walking boots the wrong way can make them too tight and dangerous to wear. Lacing them too tightly can cause the boot to become uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. It can also cause the boot to come off your foot during a fall.

So, follow these guidelines when lacing your walking boots:

  • Pull the laces until their snug.
  • Tie them in a knot at the ankle.
  • Don’t over-tighten them.

You’ll be sure to walk in comfort and safety!

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