How to Dry Waterproof Boots Fast: 8 Proven Solutions

There is no doubt that waterproof work boots are an excellent way to keep your footwear dry both outside and inside. No matter what you step into, even if it is in a pool of water, they will not let water into your boot!

As a result, though you might be able to know how to dry waterproof boots to keep your boots dry on the outside. Yet, the sweat inside your boots is likely to cause the boots to get wet, resulting in the boots getting wet due to the sweat. Although a work boot could be waterproof, it will most likely be non-breathable, which means that your feet will sweat on the inside of the boot.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to dry waterproof boots on the inside, and today’s article will provide you with nine great methods.

Furthermore, the article discusses other important topics, including why waterproof boots get wet from the inside, how to prevent it, how it affects feet, etc.

Why do Waterproof Boots Become Wet from the Inside?

Wearing waterproof boots can cause you to sweat for several of reasons, but the main reason is that they don’t breathe. Due to their lack of breathability, they prevent air from flowing into the boots.

This leads to the fact that when your feet are heated up. As a result of excessive physical activities, your feet sweat, and the boots don’t breathe. The boots prevent sweat from escaping. In the end, sweat becomes wet on the boot interiors!  

The following factors are also responsible for causing them to become wet from the inside:

  1. When it’s too hot outside, you’ll sweat a lot on your insides, causing the boots to sweat from the inside as well
  2. Your feet will sweat more if you have conditions like athlete’s foot or hyperhidrosis
  3. Work boots made of leather have waterproof coatings, which prevent the pores from breathing. Therefore, sweat cannot escape the pores of the leather, resulting in the boots being wet from within.

Effects on Feet of Getting Wet Boots on the Inside

You might develop the following ailments if you have excessive sweating on your feet inside your boots:

Effects on Feet of Getting Wet Boots on the Inside
  1. In the long run, excessive sweating will cause a whitened area, and the skin will eventually become loose and peel off
  2. The accumulation of sweat might result in blisters a result
  3. Sweat can also accumulate in the feet, causing bacterial growth and resulting in fungal infection due to sweat accumulation.
  4. Being embarrassed by your smelly feet is one of the most annoying effects of sweaty feet.
  5. The condition will also cause foot itching and discomfort at work.

8 Methods to Dry Wet Waterproof Boots on the Inside

Method 1: Using your Hair Dryer

It should be around two horsepower to be a good boot dryer that dries boots quickly. It is simply a matter of inserting the boot dryer pipe within the boots and moving it from one place to another by adjusting the position at regular intervals.

Method 2: Using Boot Dryer

In many ways, it works pretty much the same way as a boot dryer. Turn the heat setting on the dryer to the maximum and blow the dryer into the boots using the dryer’s mouth to get the moisture out of the boots.

Although, if you don’t have a boot dryer, here is I find the best hair dryer for drying your boots instantly!

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Method 3: Using Towel

In the efforts that have been heavily soaked in water, place two clean, dry towels inside the boots and allow them to absorb moisture overnight. Removing the towels from the boots the next day and placing them under a fan or using a hair dryer to dry them.

Method 4: Using Newspapers

For highly wet boots, this is also applicable. Make a mold out of a few newspaper or kitchen rolls shaped like your boots and insert them inside. By soaking up the moisture in the boots, the newspapers would dry them inside.

After removing the newspapers, make sure the boots are dried under a fan.

Method 5: Using Shoe Inserts

It is incredible how effective shoe inserts are at wicking moisture away from the inside of the boots. Besides, absorbing all the moisture trapped inside the boots when inserted in the shoes and leaving them overnight. Despite that, make sure that you dry them thoroughly afterwards under the fan.

Method 6: Using Rice

To get your boots to puff up overnight, you should place rice in them so that it can absorb water. The following day, remove the rice from the boots and allow them to dry in the sun for a few hours to be worn again.

Method 7: Dry them

In my opinion, this is the easiest and most common method of drying boots. The boots should be placed under the fan overnight to dry after you have removed the insoles and laces.

Method 8: Using Cat Litter

In the same way that you would stuff your boots full of rice, using cat litter works just as well. You must leave your boots inside the cat litter overnight and then blow them dry the following day under a fan. 

However, all the above methods will help you to keep your boots dry quickly!

4 Ways to Dry the Outside of the Waterproof Boots

Way 1: Dry the Waterproof Boots Outside with a Dryer

In order to complete this task, you can use either a regular hair dryer or a boot dryer. You should drain any water that may have collected inside your boots after you have worn them off.

The boots should be thoroughly dried using the maximum temperature in the dryer settings.  

Way 2: Dry Waterproof Boots under a Fan

I believe this is the most efficient and safest method of drying the outer surface of waterproof boots in the long run. 

You can have dry boots the next day by placing them under the fan overnight. Otherwise, if the boots do not dry appropriately under a fan, just let them dry under a fan for another day.

Way 3: Put your Waterproof Boots Outside in the Sun to Dry

As a result of sun exposure, leather tends to dry out due to the loss of its essential oils. This can cause the leather to crack due to the leather losing its essential oils through overexposure to the sun.  

The boots should be placed in the sun when they are incredibly wet and monitored when they become semi-dry. You should take your boots away from the sun as soon as you feel they are no longer that dry.

Way 4: Dry the Boots with a Towel

Towels are also recommended first, then you can use a dryer, later on, to dry out the leather. You can wear off your wet boots and wrap them with a towel if they are drenched in water.  

You can dry the rest of the moisture using a dryer after the towel soaks up all the water outside the boots.

5 Methods of How to Avoid Being Wet on the Inside of the Boots

Fortunately, there are a few excellent tips for preventing sweat from escaping into your boots and getting them wet. You should know this:

#1. Take your Boots off During a Break

It is always a good idea to remove your work boots when you are not working, like when you are eating lunch or taking a break between work, to allow your feet to breathe and get some fresh air. In addition to cooling down your feet, this will also allow all the sweat to evaporate in the air, keeping them fresh all day long.

#2. Use Moisture-Wicking Socks

When you wear socks that wick moisture, your boots and feet will remain dry, and you will be able to absorb sweat as the fibers of the socks absorb sweat.

You can also buy the Best Moister wicking socks in a below-recommended product if you don’t have one.

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#3. Use Talcum Powder

There is nothing better than talcum powder to absorb sweat, clog pores that produce sweat, and stop the sweat from escaping. 

The socks keep your feet cool and dry while working so that you do not produce any sweat on your feet.

#4. Apply Antiperspirants

The function of antiperspirants is essentially the same in that they create a sweat barrier on your feet, thereby preventing sweating. In addition, it prevents odors caused by the long-term wear of work boots.  

#5. Choose the Breathable Boots

It is essential to point out that several breathable and waterproof boots are readily available today. Must check out the boots’ features before you purchase.

How to Dry Winter Boots Overnight?

There are a few things you can do to dry your winter boots fast:

  • Remove the liner, if possible. It allows the air to circulate in the boot and speeds up the drying process.
  • Stuff the boots with newspaper. This will help absorb moisture from the inside of the boot.
  • Place boots on the front of a fan. This helps to dry the boots more quickly.
  • Set the boots outside in the sun. The sunlight will help to speed up the drying process.

Before you leave, Keep these things in mind:

Use a dryer on low heat. Hold the hair dryer a few inches away from the boot and move it around to evenly distribute the heat.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do waterproof boots get wet?

Waterproof boots are designed to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. However, they are not impervious to water and can get wet if they come in contact with water that is deep enough or moving fast enough. Water can also enter through the seams or openings of the boots.

Why are my boots always wet inside?

Your boots might always be wet inside for a few reasons:

  • 1. There is no water resistance in the boot.
  • 2. Unsealed boot.
  • 3. Removable liner.

Is it possible to dry boots with a hairdryer?

Hair dryer can be use to dry boots. Use the hairdryer on low heat and hold the dryer few inches from the boot. Move the hair dryer around to distribute the heat.

Does waterproof mean snowproof?

No, waterproof and snowproof are not the same.

How to know if my boots are waterproof?

There are a few ways to tell if your boots are waterproof:

  1. Check the label. If the boots are labeled as waterproof, they should be able to withstand being in water without letting any water in.
  2. Inspect the seams and openings. If the seams and openings are sealed, it will be more difficult for water to enter the boot.
  3. Test the boots. Fill a sink with water and place the boots in the water. If the water does not enter the boots, they are waterproof.

Will cold air dry wet shoes?

Yes, cold air can help to dry wet shoes. The movement of the air will assist in removing water as a result of the moving air.

Are my boots safe to put in the dryer?

The dryer is not a good place to put your boots. Boots can be damaged by the heat from the dryer, making waterproofing more difficult.

How often should I waterproof my boots?

You should waterproof your boots before each season. This will help to protect the boot from water and stains.

Quick Tips to Dry Waterproof Boots

  • To dry your boots, remove all inserts, insoles, and laces.
  • Be sure to fold your boots’ tongues backwards. By doing this, the air will circulate through the boots more freely because more openings will allow air to circulate within the boots.
  • While drying your boots, it is essential to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned using saddle soap and simply by using warm water and soap solution.

Stay safe and healthy!

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