Does Dubbin Waterproof Boots? How to Use it?

This post will demonstrate how to use dubbin wax and dubbin waterproof boots to enhance the appearance and comfort of your boots.

Dubbin is made to prevent boots from dust and damage buildup, in addition to strengthening the waterproofing of your boot. It also revitalizes the appearance of the suede by keeping it smoother. Dubbin is a useful tool for cleaning and smoothing suede while restoring waterproof qualities.

Regardless of the weather conditions, suede boots are used by all types of individuals for all functions since they have been passed from one generation to the next as a cornerstone of style. Those who wear leather shoes should know does dubbin has waterproof boots or Not.

What is Dubbin?

Dubbin is a type of wax to waterproof your boots. However, it made your boots clean and dust-free when you applied it in your boots.

Does Dubbin Waterproof Boots?

Most people asked about does it is waterproof or not. The short and simple answer is, yes the dubbing waterproofs your boots. But, if you do not apply the proper method of waterproofing with it, your boots may be torn. Therefore it is necessary to apply the dubbing in the proper way even at your home.

Dubbin Also Works To Keep Car Seats & Leather Furniture Soft

Particularly useful for shoe or seat care are substances with a fatty or greasy content. They have a potent moisturizing and moisture action. They only work with dyed or surface-colored suede, though.

If your automobile has leather seats, you should always employ Dubbin because it appears to work well and retains water. The suede is softened, cleaned, and waterproofed using a wax compound called Dubbin. It is made out of lard, grease, and organic wax.

How to Dubbin Waterproof Shoes?

Devoted trekkers and nature lovers have heavily depended on Dubbin, beeswax, to preserve booties water-resistant. The question is, however, how to put Dubbin on shoes. The answer is in front of your eyes.

How to Dubbin Waterproof Shoes?

Following are some steps to be obeyed for waterproofing leather shoes with dubbin.

1. Maintenance for your Shoes

Look for a desk or a spot of ground that can tolerate getting slightly dirty or damp. We’d stay away from the mat even if your boots were spotless as a rose. You’ll have to have a cup of wet, some clothing, and your bottle of Dubbin Beeswax.

2. Clean up Dust

Before picking up the Dubbin, your shoes might require a rapid cleaning if they have constantly been working for you. Engage a moist cloth to wipe away any dirt and debris from the upper and bottom. Undo any strings to wash properly.

3. Get Your Boots Warm

Heat the shoes with a blow dryer to assist the wax in permeating the skin. Avoid holding the hair dryer too close to the shoes or leaving it stationary since burning can lead to the shoes drying out and cracking.

Additionally, avoid leaving your shoes near a heater or a fire, as this may also cause the suede to drain away. Use a blow dryer to gently heat the beeswax if it is too tough to massage.

4. Applying Dubbing

After thoroughly cleaning your booties, put a bit of Dubbin on a fresh towel and wipe down the shoe’s outside. In order to make sure that the entire shoe is coated, roll the towel over the shoe many turns, pushing it back and forth.

5. Going to Wait

Strangely, resting is the simplest component of the procedure. 

Give the beeswax 30 to 60 minutes to set once you’ve applied enough Dubbin to both of your shoes. During this drying stage, keep your shoes in a chilly, clean place to prevent the leather from cracking and wrinkling from hot temperatures.

6. Extracting Dubbin

Allow the Dubbin to set before checking your shoes for better results; if you see any—which you probably will—use a clean towel to wipe it off the suede. You are prepared for the cold season when all of the remaining wax has been wiped off the outside of your shoes.

Are Dubbin & Polish the Same?

Wax-based compounds like Dubbin and shoe polish are both made to shield boots. Dubbin will assist in smooth and maintaining booties, but it won’t have a color to enhance the overall look of your shoes like shoe polish.

Are Dubbin & Polish the Same?

Calfskin and other fabrics can be softened, moisturized, and waterproofed with Dubbin, a shellac substance. It is made out of lard, grease, and organic wax. Since the Middle Ages, Dubbin has been applied to smooth and protect leather footwear from water.

Contrasted with shoe polish, which gives shoe skin color and gloss, it is distinct.

In a commercial product called shoe polish, a fatty solution or ointment is applied to brighten, water resistant, and recover the look of leather shoes or boots by lengthening the shoes’ lifespan. Although shining your shoes is quite simple but requires skill and perseverance.

Necessity Of Dubbin

Leather malnourished and dry can fade, wear out, and break. 

When cowhide begins to break, it cannot be repaired, and your shoes will begin to disappoint you. Dubbin hydrates the leather by replenishing its depleted wetness. Obstructing the capillaries also helps protect and increases watertight resistance.

Do I Need To Use Dubbin Frequently?

If you use your shoes in difficult, warm, damp, or chilly situations, you must use Dubbin frequently because it is particularly healthy for your shoes. We’re all accused of not washing our boots as frequently as we ought to. But you must use plenty of Dubbin at least once each month and more frequently if they’re in pet dung.

PRO TIPS to Waterproofing Dubin Boots

Apply dubbing wax carefully to prevent mistakes because it always leaves a greasy coating on suede materials. The shoes’ condition could be harmed by applying too much polish. The amount of Dubbin that wound up on your shoes can be regulated by applying very light applications, one at a moment.

Dubbing wax’s greasy composition can harm leather and satin leather, so never apply it to these materials. You may harm them irreparably.


Does Dubbin make my boots waterproof?

Dubbin provides excellent waterproofing for leather shoes by closing the porosity and adding a wax layer that performs as a seal between the moisture and the shoes. However, applying a moisture barrier is the only method for completely waterproofing a set of shoes.

Do my boots go darker when I apply Dubbin?

Dubbin somewhat darkens your shoes, particularly when it is newly done. When the Dubbin fades off, your boots will gradually become paler. It is a reliable guide for when to reuse.

Is shoe stitching harmed by Dubbin?

A. Dubbin doesn’t damage the sutures, but it is widely believed that if applied improperly, it may become pooled in the area around the sutures on the weal, attracting dirt and grime. Not the Dubbin, but the debris harms the stitching.

What differentiates Dubbin from leather conditioner?

Dubbin is a useful tool for drying and smoothing leather while restoring impermeable qualities. Keep in mind the shoes are very clean before using a hairdryer to heat your shoe skin carefully. Warmed leather will provide actionably grips for the Dubbin.

Wrapping up

We think it’s crucial to point out that not all boots are watertight to start with before we wrap up this piece. It is doubtful that Dubbin will make footwear impermeable if it was not made to tolerate moisture.

The main goal of Dubbin is to revive the waterproofing of boots that were once made to resist moisture but have since degraded their durability.

I hope you have got an idea about Does Dubbin Waterproof Boots!

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