Does Doc Martens Wonder Balsam Waterproof? A Brief Answer

There are a lot of people who wonder, ‘Does Doc Martin’s Wonder Balsam waterproof?’ If you are planning to purchase or wear a pair of these timeless cool boots, it is a question that needs to be asked. As part of this comprehensive guide, I will explain which Doc Martens wonder balsam styles provide waterproof protection and which do not, and I will also explain whether Doc Martens will withstand rain and snow.

Throughout my research, I have read hundreds of Reddit posts. The brand has also been a long-time favorite of mine for over ten years, and I’ve read hundreds of customer reviews. It will be my pleasure to give my personal experience of how Doc Marten Wonder Balsam does in the presence of water, along with all the information I have gathered on the internet, to provide you with all the information you need without having tried them on yourself. 

How to Protect the Leather of Doc Martens Boots

Due to their leather construction, Doc Martens are not waterproof. Several ways to protect the leather from water, including waterproofing wax or spray, but they won’t guarantee complete waterproofing.

However, Doc Martens are durable enough to withstand light rain, thanks to their water-resistant material. These boots are made of leather that has been treated to provide a good level of protection against wet and cold weather. It is possible, however, for some water to penetrate the boot through its seams.

If you are looking for ways to increase the water resistance of your boots, there are numerous waxes, waterproof sprays, and other substances that you can use. In addition to these products, customers and Reddit users have reported that they have had dry feet after using them during rainy weather conditions and when walking through snow. It is no problem for me to walk in bad weather since I use waterproofing products on my Docs.

Wearing Doc Martens in the rain for an hour or more should be possible if you have applied additional waterproofing. The only time you should wear your Doc Martens in the rain is for 15 – 20 minutes at most if you don’t apply any waterproofing product to them.

Docs are durable boots that can withstand bad weather. With the help of additional waterproofing, they last you years through rain and snow with no problem. Avoid deep puddles, but if it does happen to come in contact, your feet might get wet due to sweat or water vapor coming out from inside when walking around outside after being exposed for some time during forecasted showers/storms.

One thing to remember, though: even with proper care, Doc Martens will eventually show wear and tear. The good news is that you can easily extend their lifespan by getting them re-soled and re-heeled when needed.

I have a pair of original Doc Martens purchased 11 yrs ago. They’re still going strong despite how often I wear them (and even though my daily activities include everything: work, cleaning, etc.)! They are my “go-to” shoes for when the weather is icky.

Is it Possible to wear Doc Martens in the rain?

If your Doc Martens are not waterproof, you can wear them for 25 – 30 minutes in the rain. The Doc Martens can be worn in the rain for one hour or more if they have been waterproofed with wax, dubbin, or waterproof spray.

Water can seep into Doc Martens in heavy rain, but it can withstand rainy weather. It is best to ensure your boots are waterproofed, especially at the seams, and avoid puddles and water in the shoes.

Do Doc Martens Work well in the Snow?

Whenever you go out in the snow, Doc Martens are better suited for short periods (30 min and under). These durable boots can cope with light snow without a problem, although many flurries of snow stuck to them might be an issue. The boots may become wet if the heavy snow melts. To keep your Docs from becoming wet, it’s a good idea to treat them with a good waterproofing product.

When snow covers your boots for prolonged periods (a couple of hours), it can damage them. Due to its naturally porous nature, leather is not completely waterproof. Insoles may be damaged by melting snow, which seeps through seams and causes discomfort.

If the snow is light, Doc Martens can be worn (they are not fully waterproof, so they are not recommended for heavy snowstorms).

It is fine to brush off light snow. To protect your Docs from the elements, replace the laces with waterproof ones, and you have to use a waterproofing product of good quality to protect the boots.

How to Waterproof Doc Martens Wonder Balsam

Doc Martens can be waterproofed very easily, extending your boots’ life in the rain and snow.

There are several ways to waterproof your Doc Martens boots, but the best way is by using an appropriate waterproofing spray, Wonder Balsam, or wax on boots. If necessary, add additional layers after the product has dried.

The following are the best waterproofing products for Doc Martens, as well as what I recommend you buy.

Wonder Balsam

Doc Martens can be waterproofed and conditioned with Wonder Balsam. Natural and synthetic waxes are mixed in Wonder Balsam to provide nourishment and protection for leather.

The Wonder Balsam from Doc Martens provides an extra waterproofing layer for your Docs. They use an ultra-protective spray that prevents rain and dirt from getting in. There is a kit that includes both of them that you can purchase here:

How to Waterproof Doc Martens Wonder Balsam

Doc Martens Boots can be treated with Wonder Balsam in the following ways:

  • Your Doc Martens should first be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that the outsides of the boots are clean and dry.
  • Apply Wonder Balsam throughout your boots, including their seams. Using a small amount is enough – avoid applying a thick layer.
  • Let it soak for five minutes.
  • Once you have removed the excess, wipe it off with a damp cloth.


Waterproofing leather boots are traditionally done with boot wax. The best boot wax to use is a natural formula, like beeswax, which is extremely durable with a long shelf life. Beeswax has been used for centuries.

The wax does not contain dyes, so your boots won’t get stained. Plus, it protects your boots from water once it’s dried. Besides hydrating the leather, it protects it from water and stains by sealing in moisture.

To waterproof your leather, I recommend using 100% natural wax.

Among the boot waxes I tested, this one by Otter Wax met all of my criteria:

Reviews say it keeps boots dry during heavy downpours and has some great ratings.

Waterproof Doc Martens using Wax:

  1. Use a cloth to apply the wax to the outside of your Docs.
  2. Avoid putting too much on your boots because you do not want them to become thick and gooey.
  3. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes after working it into the seams.

Waterproof Spray

There is an easy way to waterproof your Doc Martens by using a waterproof spray that can be applied directly to the boots.

In my experience, Wonder Balsam or wax work is better for waterproofing than spray. The wax generally provides a more durable barrier, but a waterproof spray also works.

Use a Waterproof Spray, you can waterproof your Doc Martens:

  1. Your Docs should be cleaned to remove grime and dirt first. Let them dry completely.
  2. Then spray the Docs with waterproofing spray, and pay particular attention to the seams.
  3. You’re done with your Docs once the spray dries.


Are vegan Doc Martens waterproof?

The synthetic material used in vegan Doc Martens makes them waterproof to withstand heavy rain.

Are leather Doc Martens waterproof?

Since leather is a naturally porous material, Doc Martens are not waterproof. Doc Martens are water resistant but not completely waterproof when treated with waterproofing products.

Are sandals by Doc Martens waterproof?

Due to the design of Doc Martens sandals, they are not waterproof.

Are Doc Martens Chelsea Boots waterproof?

Due to the porous nature of leather, Doc Martens Chelsea Boots are not waterproof. Through the seams of the boots, water may also enter.

Are Doc Martens 1460 waterproof?

Due to the glue used to bind the leather of Doc Martens 1460 boots, they are not waterproof. After prolonged exposure to water, the leather may become wet. The adhesive may also leak water.

Are Jadon Doc Martens waterproof?

As leather is not a naturally waterproof material, Jadon Doc Martens are not 100% waterproof. Waterproofing spray and wax will increase the resistance of the Jadon Doc Martens boot.

Can Doc Martens get wet?

Doc Martens can get wet. However, never submerge them in water because they aren’t completely waterproof. Despite being water resistant, Doc Martens cannot handle heavy rain. Therefore, they may leak if worn in heavy rain. Further increasing their water resistance can be achieved by treating them with waterproofing products.

Wrapping up

Thank you for reading this ‘Does Doc Martens Wonder Balsam Waterproof’ article – Hopefully, it gives you some confidence to buy them with this information in mind.

Hopefully, the above guide to waterproofing Doc boots was helpful for those who have a pair of boots and are thinking of waterproofing them using wax or spray.

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