4 Tips on How to Clean Timberland Boots (with Pictures)

Timberland boots are often loved for their tough exterior and versatile style. However, like any other piece of footwear, they can start to look dirty and dingy over time – which is why it’s important to clean them regularly.

We’ll let you how to clean Timberland boots correctly, using simple steps that will keep them looking their best.

What is Timberland?

Timberland is a boot manufacturer that has been around since the 1800s. The company makes boots for various purposes, including work, hiking, and leisure. They come in a variety of styles to fit any need or preference.

Step-by-Step Guide to How to Clean Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are often loved for their tough exterior and versatile style. However, like any other piece of footwear, they can start to look dirty and dingy over time – which is why it’s important to clean them regularly.

So here are the steps to clean your boots.

Step 1: Erase Small Spots

You’re not alone if you have Timberland boots and find them difficult to keep clean. Small spots seem impossible to get rid of, no matter how much soap or water you use.

Erase Small Spots

Here’s a simple step to help erase small spots on Timberland boots:

  1. Wet the area you want to clean with water.
  2. Add a little soap if necessary.
  3. Use a scrub brush to work the soap into the spot.
  4. Wipe away the dirt and debris with a damp cloth.
  5. Repeat until the spot is clean.

Step 2: Use Cornmeal for Grease Spots

You can remove grease spots using cornmeal. Whenever you want to tackle those greasy areas, check with your local recipe rules first. Cornmeal is a natural grease remover that works well on timberland boots. You will also need some water and soap.

Use Cornmeal for Grease Spots

To clean a Timberland waterproof boot:

  1. Start by soaking it in water for a few minutes.
  2. Add enough cornmeal to cover the boot.
  3. Use a brush to scrub the cornmeal into the boot.
  4. Rinse the boot with water and soap.

Step 3: Use Vinegar for Stains

If you have Timberland boots, you know that they can get a little dirty. And if they get dirty, they can start to stain.

Use Vinegar for Stains

Stains on Timberland boots can be hard to remove. But with a little vinegar, you can get the stains out!

To clean your Timberland boots with vinegar:

  1. Make a paste by mixing 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water.
  2. Spread the paste on the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse the boots with cold water.

Step 4: Use a Toothbrush for Loose Soil

Cornmeal for Grease Spots

Timberland boots are known for their durability and weatherproofing, but they can become dirty quickly. Here are four easy steps to cleaning Timberland boots using a toothbrush.

  1. Wet the toothbrush and wring out the excess water.
  2. Soak the toothbrush in water or use a mild detergent.
  3. Rub the toothbrush’s bristles against the dirt and grunge on the boot.
  4. Rinse off the toothbrush and dry the boot with a clean cloth.

PRO Tips for Cleaning Timberland Boots

When cleaning Timberland boots, there are a few tips that can help make the process easier:

1. Be sure to use a mild detergent and water mixture. Do not use a fabric softener or oil as these may damage the leather.

2. Take care when scrubbing the boots. Try not to scratch the surface of the boot.

3. Allow the boots to air-dry completely before storing them.

How to Clean Timberland Boots with Soap and Water?

To clean your shoes, you will need a towel and some soap. Get the soft brush out because it’s going to feel like a baby taking care of its mommy!

Scrub away at any dirt or residue on each part until they’re all nice and shiny again – don’t forget about those stubborn stains either; use that same mixture we discussed earlier (soap mixed with water) for this step too!

Once dry overnight is sure enough- these should be good as new.

How to Clean with Stain Using Baking Soda?

Clean your Timberland boots with baking soda it is also a perfect ingredient to clean your Timberland boots!

It will absorb any oils that may have caused a stain, leaving them fresh and new.

Sprinkle baking powder over a damaged area and leave for an hour or two before cleaning off with a cotton cloth (to remove stubborn spots) OR paper towels – don’t rub too hard because moving Forward, pollutants may cause further damage.

How To Clean Timberland Boots with Baby Wipes and Bread?

Timberland boots are great for protecting your feet from the elements, but they can become dirty quickly. If you use baby wipes to clean them, it’s a safe and effective way of caring for these important shoes!

The soft material won’t damage leather-like regular cleaners might do.

This will helps maintain its quality over time by keeping dirt at bay while ensuring that all surfaces get cleaned thoroughly.

Hence, there isn’t any chance whatsoever of staining coming back again soon after being treated once already before. Timberland boots are no exception to this rule, and they can be cleaned in just a few simple steps with some baby wipes and some bread. Here’s how:

  1. Begin by wetting your hands by having a bucket of water in front of you.
  2. Apply baby wipes to the boots, working in circular motions.
  3. Rub the soles of the boots with the bread, using gentle pressure.
  4. For extra cleanliness, repeat steps 2-3 on the inside surfaces of the boots.

How To Clean Timberland Boots Using Specialty Products?

If your Timberland boots look a little grubby, you don’t need to resort to cleaning products that are not specifically designed for leather. You can clean Timberland boots using speciality products specifically designed for this task. Here’s how:

1. Remove the boots from the boot box and hang them up to dry. If they’re wet, let them air-dry completely. 

 2. Apply a liberal amount of the specialty cleaner to a soft cloth and work it into the book’s surface. Be sure to work around the seams and crevices. 

 3. Allow the cleaner to sit on the boots for several minutes, then rinse them off with water. Use a hose if necessary. 

 4. Hang the boots up to dry once again, and then you’re ready to wear them!

What are the Different types of Timberland?

There are many types of Timberland boots, each with unique features and benefits. Here are three of the most common types:

1. Classic

Timberland classic boots are designed for durability and comfort, with a leather and textile construction that is weather-resistant and easy to clean you’ll always have the appropriate pair of eyewear for your needs with their various colors and styles.

2. Pro-Vikings

The Timberland PRO-VIKINGS is a specialized style of Timberland boot designed for extreme conditions. Dedicated to breathable and waterproof technology, these shoes are perfect for people who love outdoor activities in cold climates. They also have reinforced feet for added stability on hard surfaces.

3. Workboots

The Timberland Workboot is designed as a versatile go-to boot for various jobs. It’s synthetic upper provides resistance to water and stains, while the rubber outsole provides a good grip on floors, stairs, or other surfaces. This boot is also easy to clean; use a hose or brush to clean it off.

How to Clean Waterproof Timberland Boots?

These boots are ideal for individuals who live in extremely cold environments or areas with a short periods of snowfall. But like any other piece of footwear, your Timberland boots need to be cleaned occasionally to maintain their waterproofing and appearance.

How to Clean Waterproof Timberland boots?

Best Way to Waterproof Timberland Boots

If you want to keep your Timberland boots waterproof, you’ll need to find a way to keep them wet. Here are four ways to do just that:

1. Fill a bucket with water and dunk your boots until they’re covered. Let them soak for about five minutes, then shake off the excess. 

2. Pour a pot of boiling water onto the ground next to the boots and wait 30 seconds before stepping in. Be sure to stay close to the pot, as the steam will cause the boots to become waterproof. 

3. Pour some boiling water onto a sponge and place it in the boots, letting the moisture seep through the fabric and into the boot itself. Let it sit for about five minutes, then take them out and wring out the sponge. 

4. Squeeze some dishwashing liquid onto a sponge and fill your boots two-thirds of the way up with water.


Timberland boots are known for their durability and weatherproofing abilities, but they can also be a bit of a hassle to clean. Timberland boots are a favorite among many, but they do require some extra care when it comes to cleaning.

If you follow our tips for how to clean Timberland boots, you will be able to keep them looking their best for years to come. 

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