Can You Use Olive Oil to Waterproof Boots?

Most probably peoples are confused about can you use olive oil to waterproof boots. It can be a practical for some peoples to knowing the answer and method of using it. However, it is simple to use but definitely with the tricks.

You can use olive oil for waterproofing yout boots rather than restoring to harsh chemicals. You can easily make your boots soft as well to safeguard your investment. Therefore, it is the best to get benefit from conditioning your boots without spending much money. 

Also, by using the olive oil, it makes your shoes soft, as it is a great way to break in the leather. So regarding its durability and longevity, leather is the most commonly used material in most items. You can also used in many accessories like wallets, clothing, and automobiles but is most extensively used in footwear in everyday routines. 

But, there is a condition of using the olive oil on boots, if you don’t use it correctly, it can become brittle and split, drying up. Therefore to deal with this issue in the correct way to waterproof boots we are here to bring you the answer of how to use olive oil to waterproof boots. 

Can you Use Olive Oil to Waterproof Boots

You can use an Olive oil to conditioner your leather boots to make them waterproof, whether new or old. Making them waterproof will offer a unique and soft appearance by preventing the absorption of moisture in them. 

Olive leather conditioner is a good idea for waterproofing, but it can also worsen conditions in the long run as olive oil can absorb the leather by penetrating them. 

How to Use Olive Oil to Leather Boots for Waterproofing (4 Easy Steps)

How to Use Olive Oil to Leather Boots for Waterproofing

Making leather waterproof by reconditioning and using olive oil is safe and proper by taking preventive measures. 

So without waiting, let us dive into the process of application of olive oil to leather.

1) Clean your Boots

The initial step to using olive oil for waterproofing is to clean your boots properly. So make sure that the boots are dust and dirt free, as if you go this step, you will not get the proper and desired results. 

2) Apply Olive Oil

Olive oil can be applied with a piece of rag or with fingers. Pour a little oil on either of these options and use it on your boots, especially in their stitched areas and seams.

3) Allow the Boots to Absorb

After applying oil to the boots, leave them to absorb it properly. It is best to give them the time of 40 to 60 minutes to get the best results. 

4) Rub the Excess Oil

When the boots are dried well in natural air, take a rag or piece of cloth, and rub the shoes to remove an excess amount of oil. 

Pros of Using Olive Oil on Boots

  1. Using olive oil on your boots will prevent blistering on your feet that can be caused due to moisture and water. So waterproofing with olive oil will also protect your feet in many ways.
  2. Olive oil is also a great option to restore your boots’ original shape for a very long time.
  3. Using olive oil is also helpful to make your boots durable and soften them
  4. You can also make your shoes fresh and new by using olive oil, thus making them more conditioned and shiny.
  5. Making your boots waterproof with olive oil will increase the life of the shoes and be long-lasting and durable.
  6. Olive oil is a very cheap and effective way to make it available at home readily. 
  7. Olive oil is a great DIY, homemade leather conditioner for leather boots. 

Cons of Using Olive Oil on Boots

In addition to using olive oil for boots to recondition and waterproof, a wide range of aspects can damage them to a great extent. 

Following are some things that can damage them.

  1. If the excessive amount of olive oil is not eliminated from boots, it can be absorbed into the surface of the shoes, thus leading to damage.
  2. Wiping dirt and dust is essential to get the best results. If you do not do so, it will become more visible after waterproofing and even harder to remove. 
  3. The smell of olive oil is horrible; if used in more significant amounts, it can leave an unbearable smell in your boots.


What kind of oil can I use on my leather boots?

Mink oil is a great option to make leather boots soft and waterproof. It can also make your shoes dark and offer a permanent matte look, but other conditioning products are also recommended.

Can you Use Oil Leather with Olive Oil?

Using olive oil on leather boots can help to repair minor scratches and restore color. The process is identical for all leather products like handbags, boots, couches, chairs, and other items.

Can you use extra virgin olive oil on the leather?

Olive oil is a perfect product for many items, but generally, it is a substitute for those where neatsfoot will be used.

What oil can I use to condition leather?

Lanolin, neats foot oil, almond oil, and mink oil are the best products to recondition your boots. All these are natural products that can be helpful to make their look shiny and moisturize them.


So this was all about whether you can use olive oil to waterproof boots. It is the most effective and standard method to make leather boots waterproof that can offer you the best results. The most crucial question in most users’ minds is how often this process should be done. 

So the answer is that it should be done almost every month to prevent moisture from entering them. Because the leather boots need to be cleaned every month, but overdoing steps should be avoided. 

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