Can Leather Boots Handle Rain?

It won’t damage your leather boots if you have been caught in a thunderstorm. But issues can arise if your leather boots are exposed to water for extended periods. If you are caught in the rain briefly, you can quickly dry them with a soft piece of rag or cloth. While if you experience inches of water in your leather boots, using a hair dryer can prevent ruining your shoes on a long-lasting basis. 

Yes, it is a fact that leather boots can deal with rain, but as a result, the shoes can get discoloration. It can happen when the boots remain in damp situations for an extended period, so taking care of them with essential tips is essential. So the standard way to make them handle rain is clean them with a towel and allow them to dry, and you can get rid of discoloration very quickly.

So if you want to know how you make your leather boots rain-resistant, this informational blog will be a valuable piece of information. 

How to Make Leather Boots Handle with Rain

If you do not want to change the color of your pure leather boots and experience this issue commonly with mink oil, then do not opt for this option.

It is better to clean your shoes before the application of mink oil to avoid discoloration. Then place them in a dry place on a flat surface where the boots can easily absorb grease, as applying this oil 2 to 3 times is straightforward.  

1. Wear Latex or Rubber Gloves

The process of making leather boots deal with rain is not easy. Wear latex gloves, apply mink oil, and absorb the leather material. 

2. Rub the Oil into the Leather

Rub mink oil into the leather with your finger. Applying oil in a circular motion into the pores of leather is the best way. So make sure to pay attention to the welts and seams of the boot. Apply mink oil smoothly and evenly over the boot, mainly on the toes, because it is primarily used in your shoes.

Furthermore, set aside your boots and repeat the process to get the best results when you have completed this process. Now place the shoes in the warm and dry area and allow them 10 minutes for the oil to absorb. 

3. Buff with a Microfiber Cloth

After applying mink oil on the boots, buff the surface of your leather boots, the purpose of doing this is to eliminate the excess amount of oil from boots, so add sheen to the shoes to make them long-lasting. So when once complete, leave your boots for some time so that the remaining oil should be well absorbed in the material. 

So that is the end of the process, as your leather boots are not extensive waterproof to deal with the rain. But mink oil is the best option to eliminate water and moisture and add new and long life to them. 

Alternative Ways to Make Leather to Deal with Rain

Ways to Make Leather to Deal with Rain

If you do not want to use mink oil on your leather boots, there are other ways to opt for it, as the market is full of a wide variety of items to choose from.

Huberd’s Shoe Grease – The great way to recondition old leather boots is to use Herbert’s shoe grease, which is the best option for waterproofing and renovating. 

1. Silicon Spray

Another alternative to making leather boots to deal with rain is silicone spray, which works great for this issue. Applying silicon spray once a week is the best option to get good results. 

2. Kiwi Shoe Waterproof Protector 

Kiwi shoe waterproof protector is to be used on leather boots before planning to go outside in the rain. It would help if you used it on your shoes every week.

3. Plastic Bags

You might have heard about most people using plastic bags and carrying them with them. So you can also wear plastic bags on your leather boots while raining. 

Should You Use Leather Boots In The Rain?

If the weather forecast says that there will be potential rain in the next coming days, and even then, if you want to wear your leather boots, then what should you do. as you have made a lot of investment in your lovely boots and are uncertain about what will eventually happen to your shoes if you wear them in the rain?

As you know, leather is a strong material, especially for any footwear which can deal with instant downpours. It would help if you were worried only when this downpour would get into a prolonged torrent.

So wearing leather boots in the rain is not an issue; you only have to be extra careful to protect and maintain them if they get moisture and water. 

Luckily, we have an Otter-skin boot with innovative properties to deal with rain.

What to do When Your Leather Boots Get Wet?

What to do When Your Leather Boots Get Wet

Leather comes with a porous texture, and water can quickly soak into it. As a result, the shape and texture of your boots can be easily changed and damaged. When your shoes dry up, any natural oil and moisture will come out when the additional moisture will dry out.

This issue can result in cracked, frayed and warped leather. Just like your hands look different when they remain in the water for an extended period, leather will also warp when it gets moisture for a long time. 

The difference is that your body can replace additional moisture and oils, but leather won’t. So if your leather boots can get water and wet in the rain occasionally, drying them will be a worthy option to use next time. 

What You Need To Know About Leather Boots in the Rain

Most people do not know that leather is a good-looking, sturdy and rigid material, but only one feature of the Achilles’ heel is most prone to damage. 

While if you care attentively about your leather boots, they can last for many years, and you can use them even regularly. Leather is a breathable material, as heat cannot damage it more than any other aspect; also, do not mind cold but continuous exposure to water can ruin your lovey footwear. 

The plus point of leather boots is that you can wear them in the rain if you are ready to take risks and know how to care for them if they get damaged.


Is it reasonable to wear leather boots in the rain?

You can wear leather boots in the rain if you take some essential precautions. So to make them resistant to rain, polish them with mink oil and some conditioners. 

Will leather shoes get damaged in the rain?

Leather boots are great for many aspects but are not meant to be used in the rain. Water soaked in them can lead to cracks, warped and dreaded ridges of slat marks on them. 

How do you protect your leather boots in the rain?

For the protection of leather boots in the rain, you can use wax-based polish and a mild leather conditioner and clean them with a clean and dry cloth. 


So to conclude, can leather boots deal with rain? Wearing them in the rain is not a big deal if you know how to care for them. So mink oil is commonly used for reconditioning your leather boots. But when your leather boots get soaked at high levels, the feet dryer is an effective and silent way to make them dry for subsequent use.  

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