Are Ugg Boots Waterproof – The Exact Answer!

Everyone agrees that Ugg Australia boots are cold-weather shoes. They maintain your toes warm and are pleasant and soft. But what if it starts to moisture? 

Is it reasonable to claim that you do not need to clean your uggs if you intend to use them in the downpour or cold this Christmas? All you require for your toes is something cozy and snug.

Most folks don’t care about water resistance when they purchase their Uggs, in all honesty. They focus more on heat, beauty, and relaxation than anything else. This whole post is devoted to clarifying queries like “Are Ugg Boots Waterproof,” so that’s why.

Ugg Boots – What They Are?

The American firm Deckers acquired the authentic boot’s Australian manufacturer. The Boots have long been ingrained in Australian society. When two Australian surfboards visited California in 1978, they came upon some shoes designed to maintain feet toasty after getting wet. They developed their model, known as “Ugg” boots, better suited for usage in Australia’s cooler regions.

Although Ugg boots have been for a while, many customers still choose them for their heat, elegance, pleasure, and sturdiness. They are available in many designs, from traditional lace-ups to slip-one that may be used with or without stockings.

The term was derived from the “ugh” sensation they produced as visitors stepped on fur leather with cotton soles. Many businesses started making less expensive copies of these goods after they gained popularity in America, but they didn’t create them as effectively as UGG produces.

Are Ugg Boots Waterproof?

This question cannot be answered with a YES.

As a result, Ugg Boots are not recommended to wear when going in ponds or other damp regions, nor can they be used in the downpour or ice.

The substance and protection of the boot may be harmed as a result. Although waterproofing spray will probably only be effective momentarily before it requires to be reapplied, it may assist avoid any unwanted harm from moisture absorption.

Why Are Uggs Not Waterproof?

The three key factors that constitute Ugg Boots Moisture absorbent materials are as follows.

Why Are Uggs Not Waterproof

These consist of:

1. Designed for Ease And Coziness

Ugg boots are primarily designed to be comfortable. Other than making your toes hot and comfortable, they are not intended to offer any safety. Instead of being waterproof and warmed like Snow Boots, Ugg boots are constructed entirely of sheepskin and have no internal warmth.

2. Poor In Wet Circumstances

These traditional-style boots are not intended for use when trekking, in the downpour, or in the winter. Uggs are designed to be dressed inside, keeping you cozy and hot during the cold season. You may put it on when it’s gently snowing or pouring.

3. Compounds Applied

Genuine sheepskin, fur, cotton, and leather make the airy, porous Ugg boots. This kind of substance is not waterproof. It readily takes up water and accumulated ice. Water can potentially seep in via the joints when subjected to moist circumstances over a prolonged period.

How to Make Waterproof Ugg Boots?

How to Make Waterproof Ugg Boots

We advise utilizing the hacks below to make your Uggs waterproof, so they stay clean and cozy in cold and wet circumstances.

1. Spray To Preserve Sheepskin

The UGG Sheepskin Protector will shield your Ugg boots from moisture, cold, and dirt. Before initial use, humidity-resistant protection should be put on the shoes. The boots must be spotless.

Apply the sheepskin spray liberally till the boots are damp but not drenched. The best place to perform this is outside or in a place with good ventilation. The boots are then allowed to cure in a comfortable, well-ventilated area out of the light.

2. Spray Boot Waterproofing

As soon as you take your waterproofing Ugg boots out of the package, always spritz them with a waterproof and blemish solution.

Doing this can stop snow, moisture, and grime from penetrating and causing any stains. To ensure that your boots can endure intense rainfall and remain functional for a long time, engage in a high-quality waterproofing spritz.

3. Put On Water-Resistant Boot Covers

You may wear boot coverings over your Ugg boots when it’s pouring or snowing to remain dry. Boot coverings can be thrown away or used again. It will be simpler to locate a dimension that fits your Ugg boots because they exist in many dimensions.

Boot coverings are simple to wear and remove. They are also comfy to stroll about in and non-slip. They offer excellent defense against dirt, ice, and moisture.

4. Applying Repellent Made of Sheep Skin

Spraying your Ugg boots with Sheep Skin grease resistant and Waterproof coating is another approach to keep them water-resistant. Water repellent and grease resistance must be applied simultaneously to increase longevity and prevent mold and fungus.

Spritz the boots with moisture and grease resistance until they seem moist, then allow them to air-cure in a well-ventilated place. It might occur outside the home. You can wash the boots once more when dehydrated to increase their insulative properties.

5. Ugg Spray Protectant

Utilizing Ugg Protection is the most acceptable and straightforward method for keeping your Ugg boots watertight. It may be preferable to spray the Ugg protection on the shoes as soon as you take them out of the box.

But before applying for the protection, you must wash the boots if you’ve already used them and ensure they’re dry.

This video will explain to you, how you can do it easily.

Final Remarks

Boots from Ugg are not watertight. Based on the model of footwear you buy, they are either water resistant or protective coating. It implies they won’t get damp in bad situations, but they might bring you wet if your toes sweat a lot during summer.


Can I put on waterproof Uggs while skiing?

Water-resistant ugg items can be moist when immersed in water or in winter, with a protective coating, which can also create markings on the exquisite suede surface. These boots are ideal for strolling around in the winter because they have a PVC shell to maintain you clean and an Australian sheepskin footbed for comfort.

Do Ugg boots produce odors?

Boots made by Ugg are snug and cozy. Sadly, they can also smell, particularly after extended use. Fortunately, deodorizing them and maintaining their odorlessness are also simple processes. Consider spending a little time deodorizing your Ugg boots after cleaning them.

Are Ugg boots machine washable?

While using your machine to clean your UGGs at residence thoroughly may be enticing, it’s not a good idea. Don’t ever clean your boots in a machine or bring them to the launderette, according to the authorized UGG policy.

Does rain damage Ugg boots?

Uggs are wintry boots, but most types aren’t designed for winter and wetness. They may discolor because of the suede and wool they are constructed of, ruining your purchase.

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