Are Sorel Boots Really Waterproof?

When it comes to Sorel boots, there is a lot to discuss, as there are many other options available in the market that can compete with them. More or more often, you might think about how expensive boots can be proven to be more protective for your feet in different types of weather, like cold or wet. So I think Sorel boots are the best deal to invest in to add to your footwear collection. 

However, Sorel boots are famous for their details of construction, durability, and high-quality materials. Besides these qualities, can you count on those qualities like this footwear being completely waterproof or least resistant to moisture? 

Are Sorel Boots Waterproof?

Yes, Sorel boots are waterproof, but not all the pairs fall in this category, like waterproof or water resistant. So while buying a pair of Sorel boots, you should look for a water-proof technology tag to ensure they are waterproof.

However, Sorel boots come with seam-sealed construction, and you can easily use them in puddles for a very short period, as they are not ideal for a large amount of water.

Aspects that Make Them Genuinely Waterproof

Like all other apparel and things, some aspects of footwear brands made them different from other brands and liked by people. Aspects like durability, performance, keeping your feet warm in winter, you can wear the winter work boots. It can make resistance to snow and rain that makes and prove them waterproof. 

Are Sorel Boots Waterproof

So let’s not the details of the waterproof qualities of Sorel boots.

Wear Sorel Boots While Raining

Other than winter rain can happen at any time. The good news is that in Canada, you can go for boots made by Sorel, which can be used in warmer seasons. They will keep your feet dry and warm if it is essential to get out in the rain. 

So think about that scene if you are standing on the corner of the street and waiting for a bus and happen to step in a puddle. Therefore, they are great enough to protect your feet if you can run n a puddle to catch a bus in any way. They can also work well if you walk in the rain from one stop to another, thus taking care of errands. 

Moreover, in typical wearing situations, Sorel boots will keep your feet warm, while they are not made to wear in puddles or even if you stand in a puddle for a long time. However, you can depend on their reliability in many instances and conditions. 

Water-resistant Features of Sorel Boots

Sorel boots have most of those qualities and aspects that make them more durable and attractive in footwear apparel. And Ensure that they provide a high level of water resistance and waterproofing. However, the selection of material to be used in Sorel boots is a key advantage to getting waterproofing. The waterproofing in Sorel boots includes suede for the shell, rubber for the sole, and leather for the upper portion.

Furthermore, all these materials play a great role in ensuring good holding up good looking aspects in a lot of use. Rubber sued, and leather comes with rubber-resistant qualities like water-resistant in the first place.

A combination of fur and felt will keep the combination warm, protected, and comfortable even under below-freezing point temperatures.

The feature you might not be aware of is that the shells of Sorel boots are tested for waterproof sealants before they are tested to go into the final step of getting in destinations and quality inspections.

The sealant contains a property of holding up for many years, as this is true even for sleet, snow, and other shapes of precipitation. Besides, the final result is that you will feel warm and dry in winter. 

Wear Sorel Boots While Snowing

The other quality of Sorel boots can also protect your feet in snow weather. That is true whether you enjoy a brisk walk in the snow or forest or stroll along a city street with your friends or family.

Sorel boots are featured with lining used in all other footwear brands and winter boot designs to keep your feet warm whether you are involved in any outdoor activity at the end of the day. 

Yes, I can bet that waterproofing in Sorel boots will be helpful to keep the feet dry, as it will also be easy to clean these shells when you come back to your home. 

Sorel Boots are Ideal for Everyone

Sorel boots is the best option and ideal for everyone, like people working on construction sites, roofers, hilly area, and many sites. There is a wide variety of Sorel boots and several styles and designs even for children to make them happy by winning the approval of parents to wear them. 

When it comes to the use of women, Sorel boots need not have style and function. Wearing od Sorel boot offer them to experience both features with comfort and ease. While for men’s use, Sorel boots come with higher durability and sturdiness, blending with all styles provides a great look and longevity.

Caring Tips for Sorel Boots

Sorel boots are ideal for rainy or cold but need some caring and maintaining tips. They need many tips through which you can get an idea of what precautions should be taken to keep your feet warm and in good condition. This includes ensuring that the boots offer the best water resistance as they are used and age. 

So follow the below-mentioned tips to care for your Sorel boots.

  • The type of material used in boots has to play an important role in maintaining a water-resistant feature. So look for waste water-resistant materials like suede and leather.
  • Mink oil is the best solution to make boots waterproof and soft and restore waterproof quality.
  • Use a bristle brush to remove dirt and dust for waterproof leather material.
  • Use a damp cloth and Luke’s warm water to clean Sorel’s boots.
  • Place boots in natural air and cool place to make them dry.
  • Use an effective leather cleaner and gently rub it on boots to make them soft and shiny.


Is Sorel high quality?

Yes, Sorel boots are considered high quality because of high-quality materials, incredibly high-quality, and waterproof design. These boots are often made by hand, so they are expensive for this reason and can be used for a long time.

Are Sorel boots good quality?

Yes, Sorel is good footwear, but it is not recommended for hiking purposes. 

Can Sorel boots be worn in the snow?

Sorel boots can be easily used in the snow because they are waterproof, warm, and versatile, whether warm or want to wear them in knee-deep snow. They keep you knee-deep if you are even commuting to work, as their uppers are made with Nylon, a very rugged and durable material. 


So to wrap up, Are Sorel boots waterproof? The short answer is Yes because you can easily wear them in the rain, puddles, and snow. However the material used in Sorel boots makes them long-lasting and comfortable to wear in any season. While the hardest part of keeping them in good condition lies in the efforts, you make for them. Like material used in the inner lining, seams and stitching plays a great part in keeping them in good condition. 

Therefore, if you want to maintain their durability and long-lasting, it is essential to follow the tips and precautions discussed above. Read the product manual to know how to clean and maintain them and what you should do according to the material used. 

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