Are Leather Boots Waterproof?

Wearing a waterproof boot on a rainy day can be a very smart decision. You would never want your shoes or boots getting wet and ruining their exterior. But what if you’re in the middle of the desert or the jungle? Will your waterproof boot still keep you dry? 

And if you wear leather boots, Are leather boots waterproof? If yes, what if they get wet? The leather boots are waterproof, but you must take care of them. Therefore your leather boots will stay long if you care for them. 

We have answered here about how to care for leather boots and what if they get wet.

Do Leather Boots need Waterproofing?

Yes, leather boots need to be waterproofed because these types of footwear are mostly likely to be in contact with water and moisture. Therefore nobody wants to get their feet wet and prone to be damaged. 

So, when buying leather boots, you can waterproof them if they get dirty.

What if Leather Boots Get Wet?

Unless you are an Arizona, California, or New Mexico resident, you have to expect precipitation in the few months of the year. When it is a matter of shoes, boots are the best option to be used in the wet and rainy season, but you should be very careful if you use leather boots. 

That said, little moisture is not a big deal to worry about. But in the case of leather boots, the water can easily enter and can be absorbed in the heavy rainy season. Moreover, when the material of the boot becomes dry, it will become hard and stiff, as this factor prolongs the wetness, and moisture can result in mildew and mold growth. Then it will become hard to save leather boots. 

If there is an expected rainfall in the coming days, then using leather-made boots is the best option, the same as styles from avionics. A wide range of boots is water resistant to be worn in moist weather. 

As the rainy and winter season can be the most unpredictable, tend to make it the best judgment call before diving into the day. So, if your leather boots become wet in the rainy season, allow them to dry in the fresh air and then clean them with a cloth. 

Synthetic Leather Boots

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that faux leather boots can bear more amount of water as compared to genuine leather. These boots’ material comes with plastic and is treated with polyethylene and synthetic coatings.

At the same time, Faux leather is non-porous, so liquids and air cannot pass through them. Moreover, this aspect also stops water from getting into the boots, making them less breathable, which can result in sweaty feet, and moisture can damage your feet and boots. 

Can Leather Boots be Used in the Rainy Season?

It is not considered a waterproof material since leather does not have built-in water resistance. Leather does not come with built-in features such as water resistance and is not considered a waterproof material. On the other hand, the suede material is more sensitive to moisture and humidity. 

You can consider it this way: easily clean and wipe the full grain leather boots with the little damped cloth without being damaged and discoloring the leather-made boots, as few rain drops cannot make them damaged.

The leather is considered a little semi-permeable material, meaning that liquids can pass through them if they are not treated to repel water from them. 

Are Leather Boots Naturally Waterproof?

A material known for being water resistant comes with the ability to resist moisture and water penetration to a certain level and degree. But the main downside of soft types of material is that it does not protect it entirely. Leather footwear is also one of those types that can protect in small amounts of rain but anything that cannot be affected for enough protection. 

While completely waterproof, the material comes with such treatments that, if submerged in water, cannot be damaged. The same is the case with leather boots that are not mixed with water. It has some water-resistant properties, but contact with too small an amount of water can damage its characteristics.

Because leather features with permeable nature, after getting wet when it dries and becomes stiff and hard, thus losing its supple texture. 

Therefore, it can be wrong to say that leather boots are not waterproof. If get gets wet and does not dry up quickly, it can lead to rot very soon. 

How Can You Make Leather Boots Waterproof?

You will love to wear one or more pairs of leather boots and want to make them waterproof for rainy days. You have a wide variety of ways to make them waterproof by having different types of treatments to save them from water damage. 

So without waiting, let’s dive into how you can make them waterproof.

How can You Make Leather Boots Waterproof


To make the leather boots waterproof, the use of beeswax needs more elbow grease to do so. It would help if you easily had a piece of beeswax of golf ball size available in the hardware stores.

Properly clean the leather boots and apply beeswax on the upper of the boots with an even layer; you can also color them with crayons. The layer of the boot should be completely covered with the wax properly, thus leaving no cracks and spaces, especially near and along the seams. 

Moreover, use the hair drier at full speed to get them dry. Hold the drier a few inches away from the material and focus on only one area at one time. When the bee’s wax becomes hot, it will turn into liquid, absorb, and disappear in the leather. When it solidifies, the transparent coating will form on the boots, and your boots will not look different as they were before. 

Waterproof Spray

The waterproof spray is the best product to make leather boots waterproof and can be bought from hardware stores and online. There is a wide variety of companies and brands of this product from which you can choose. The waterproofing spray contains active ingredients, like silicon and acrylic polymers which can form water-repellent barriers. 

So to apply the waterproof spray on leather boots, place your boots on the plastic sheet in a well-ventilated area. Hold the waterproofing spray 8 inches from the boots and apply an even product layer on them. Make sure the spray goes in the seams, and place your hand into the shaft of the boot to have the best angle. 

Allow the boots to dry in the fresh air for more than two days before using them, and repeat the steps monthly. Normally every type of leather boot can be made waterproof by applying sprays. But in the case of suede shoes, the waterproofing spray can damage them in many options. 

Is there any need to make leather boots waterproof

Every type of leather boot does not need to be waterproof, but they use the best hiking and leather work boots, especially in the rainy season. Both methods discussed above, waterproofing sprays and beeswax, do not leave any residue on the boots when you want to make them waterproof. In this way, you will not lose the properties of leather while doing these processes and treatments. 

However, you should test the small patch of the boots to make them waterproof and to ensure that using beeswax and sprays can lead to discoloration. 

Are Leather Boots Waterproof?

Leather boots are waterproof. You should know that a pair of leather boots will last for years. So you can wear them and keep them in a nice dry place. However, they won’t survive a day in the rain or snow. Make sure you buy boots that are made for the weather you intend to use them in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is leather boots waterproof?

The real and original leather is porous, so it cannot be waterproof. 

Will water mess up leather boots?

Because leather is a porous material, it can quickly soak water. The rapid flux of water, followed by the release, can damage and crack the leather. 

How do you protect leather shoes after rain?

Use a leather conditioner or expensive leather polish to protect your leather boots or replenish the oil in them. 


So this was all about our leather boots waterproof? Since leather is a porous material, it is not completely waterproof. But there are many ways to make leather boots waterproof. The market is full of products like sprays and waxes to different waterproof types of leather boots. 

As water is a big enemy of leather, it can be absorbed and seamed in it, so you should not compromise on this aspect in any way.   

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